TidalCloud Cartridge - Empty - 1 ml

$ 5.00

1 ml Cartridge

User Manual:
Filling the cartridge-
Remove mouthpiece by pulling it gently away from cartridge
Remove blue silicone plug
Insert needle tip dropper into opening at center of cartridge end, being careful not to spill oil or e-liquid into air chamber. Do not overfill.
Reinsert fully blue silicone tip
Push mouthpiece back onto cartridge until it clicks into place.
For first use, wait a few minutes to allow the wick to fully absorb the oil before using.

Using the pen
As you inhale, the battery switches on automatically and an indicator at the tip of the battery lights up.
Modulate your intake at your own discretion.

User assumes all liability for dosage and use.
Keep away from children.